Command Bus

A Command Bus routes incoming commands to corresponding handlers. Unlike a Command Handler it does not change a business model or produce events.

Posting Commands

Commands are posted to the Command Bus using method.

The passed Command is stored in the Command Store associated with the Command Bus before it is passed to handlers.

If there is no handler for the posted command, an exception is thrown.

The command can be posted if it has either dispatcher or handler registered with the Command Bus.

Note: If the passed dispatcher deals with commands, for which another dispatcher is already registered, the dispatch entries for such commands will not be unregistered, and warning will be logged.

// Initialize Command Bus.
InMemoryStorageFactory storageFactory = InMemoryStorageFactory.getInstance();
CommandStorage commandStorage = storageFactory.createCommandStorage();
CommandBus commandBus = CommandBus.create(new CommandStore(commandStorage));

// Register a command handler (see `Command Handler` section on how to define it).
commandBus.register(new MyCommandHandler());

// Post a command.
DoSmth commandMessage = DoSmth.newBuilder().setSmth(smth).build();
Command command = Commands.create(commandMessage, commandContext);;

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