How to Contribute

Spine Development

If you plan to contribute to Spine development, please read the following documents:

License Information

The framework and its documentation are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Spine Documentation

This documentation is built using GitBook. If you’d like to help us to improve the Documentation, you can do it in few ways.

Leave a Comment

If you’d like to suggest a better definition or comment something — it’s easy through GitBook “Discussions”.

  1. Hover the paragraph you'd like to comment on, and click + sign to open “New Discussion”.
  2. Click “Post”. That’s it!

All comments reviewed and processed weekly.

Add an Article or Text

If you’d like to add a new article or section to the documentation, work with GitBook as with any other Git Repository:

  1. Create a separate branch (you can do it even in GitBook online editor)
  2. Create a Pull Request and assign to eugeniakotlyar to review and approve.

Note: master is a branch that goes to production.

Documentation Conventions

Use syntax highlighting

Code examples should be given with syntax highlighting. To highlight blocks of code properly, use three back-ticks and corresponding language name. For example:

    // Some java code here.
    // Some protobuf code here.

Mark TODOs as code

If you leave a TODO comment in text, frame it as a code:

   `TODO: add link here.`

It would appear in the text like this: TODO: add link here.

File and Folder name

While adding new chapters or single articles, please use hyphens in the corresponding folder and file’ names with two and more words.

Please also rename the “” file inside the folders to “”.

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