Process Manager State

A Process Manager is defined as a Java class. It serves as a centralized processing unit that maintains the state sequence and defines the next processing step based on intermediate results.

A Process Manager State reflects a state of a business process. It is a data structure which is defined as a protobuf message. The Process Manager state is typed.

An identifier type should be already set by the time of creating a process manager state. We recommend to have typed identifiers.

A protobuf definition of the state typically resides in the protobuf package of a process manager.

The Process Manager State usually consist of the Process Manager ID, enumeration constant describing the current process state and some additional info needed (for example, Aggregate IDs):

message RegistrationProcess {

    ProcessManagerId id = 1;

    State process_state = 2;

    OrderId order_id = 3;

    enum State {
        NOT_STARTED = 0;

message ProcessManagerId {
    string uuid = 1;

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